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Odin’s Monocle : Rye + Juniper ale infused with tea.
NEXT RELEASE: Friday, Dec 8
November version: Winter Cabin tea
ABV: 6.2% • IBU: 12
Body: Medium • Bitterness: Low • Hoppiness: Light
Tea-infused variation of our Odin’s Eye ale with tea from Old Barrel Tea Co.

Thirsty Eye Seasonal Beers

Batch 100 DIPA

Batch 100 : Double IPA NEW!
ABV: 8.4% • IBU: 100
Body: Medium • Bitterness: Heavy • Hoppiness: Heavy
We took the recipe from our first batch of beer, American Pale Ale Hello EDo, and cranked it up to celebrate 100 batches later. Centennial and Cascade hops punch up the pine and citrus aroma for a classic American ale style.

Biscochito Líquido : Winter Seasonal
ABV: 5.0% • IBU: 13
Body: Medium-Light • Bitterness: Light • Hoppiness: Light
In honoring New Mexico’s state cookie, we tuned a winter brown ale with a medium-light, dry body that features anise aroma and a refreshing touch of cinnamon on the finish.

Ton Up or Shut Up : Cold Brew Coffee Lager
Collab with Rust is Gold Coffee
ABV: 6.1% • IBU: 20
Body: Light • Bitterness: Light • Hoppiness: Light
This is an American lager infused with a delicate touch of @rustisgoldcoffee cold brew for a mellow, smooth coffee aroma that still drinks like a beer. Don’t worry about jitters. One glass of this brew has about the same caffeine as a cup of decaf.

Pumpkin + Cranberry Ale : Fall Seasonal ALSO ON NITRO!
ABV: 5.8% • IBU: 22
Body: Medium • Bitterness: Light • Hoppiness: Light
An easy-drinking brown ale highlighting roasted butternut squash, pumpkin pie spices, and a slighlty tart finish from cranberry puree. Autumn in a pint glass. 

Rainshine : Grapefruit IPA
ABV: 7.6% • IBU: 70
Body: Medium • Bitterness: Strong • Hoppiness: High
22 lbs per barrel of delectable grapefruit purée and double dry-hopped with Amarillo, Chinook, and Cascade hops that have citrus raining from the sky in this fruited IPA.

Thirsty Eye Year-Round Beers

Citrus Buzz with Bronze Medal

Citrus Buzz : Honey Wheat
ABV: 5.0% • IBU: 24
Body: Light • Bitterness: Light • Hoppiness: Light
Honey: Orange Blossom
An American wheat featuring subtle citrus flavor from the orange blossom honey. A light, slightly creamy body with no noticeable bitterness.
Bronze Medal (American Wheat) 2022 Great New Mexico Beer Festival.
Silver Medal (Wheat Beer) 2023 National Honey Beer Competition.

el Ojo Rojo : American Red Ale
ABV: 4.9% • IBU: 33
Body: Medium • Bitterness: Light • Hoppiness: Light
Victory and Crystal malts create a caramelized light sweetness
balanced by Cascade hops.

el Drac : West Coast IPA
ABV: 5.8% • IBU: 63
Body: Medium • Bitterness: Moderate • Hoppiness: High
“El Drac” (the dragon) is the Catalan name for a sculpture
by Antoni Gaudi at the Park Guell in Barcelona Spain. Hopped with Amarillo, Mosaic, and Cascade.

Odin’s Eye : Rye ale with Juniper
ABV: 6.2% • IBU: 12
Body: Medium • Bitterness: Low • Hoppiness: Light
Inspired by Finnish farmhouse ales, this beer uses a light touch of rye malt,
and features a delicate berry fruit aroma from fresh juniper berries.

Rented Tux : Vanilla Porter
ABV: 5.2% • IBU: 50
Body: Medium-full • Bitterness: Moderate • Hoppiness: Light
We dressed up a working class Porter with a delicate vanilla
that casts subtle cinnamon and nutmeg accents.