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Thirsty Eye Gallery

Thirsty Eye Art Gallery

The 20 year tradition of showcasing exemplary local contemporary art at Exhibit/208, established by gallerist and Thirsty Eye partner – Kim Arthun, continues in the open large scale forum of the Thirsty Eye gallery. Thirsty Eye showcases New Mexican fine artists and artisans committed to the professional pursuit of their work.

Exhibit/208 Gallery

208 Broadway SE  Albuquerque, NM 87102

open by appointment at: 450-6884

Exhibit/208 @
Thirsty Eye
Zachariah Rieke,
Large Scale Paintings

EXHIBIT/208 is located next door to Thirsty Eye Brewing Company
at 208 Broadway SE.

Exhibit/208 showcases professional New Mexican artists.
The gallery is open on Friday through October 16th, from 5-8pm at limited occupancy.
Thank you for wearing your face mask while visiting Exhibit/208.